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Planned Roll Out of COVID-19 Vaccination

Dear Patient

You may be aware that following months of trials and a united effort from teams of pharmaceutical and medical experts that there is now an available COVID-19 vaccination.

We appreciate that for many people quality of life has been severely strained and curtailed under the conditions imposed by the pandemic.

Our aim, as a GP Practice is to continue to provide, where possible, high quality care for our patients in a manner that is consistent with government guidelines on keeping both our patients and staff safe.


  • A number of hospitals have confirmed receipt of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine with patients now being vaccinated. Hospitals are proactively contacting patients currently eligible to receive the vaccination.
  • Certain GP Surgeries will be receiving stock of the vaccinations.
  • Confirmation of the delivery date of local vaccines is awaited.
  • Who is vaccinated and is as per the current government guidelines, with a view to providing the vaccine to the most vulnerable and at risk cohorts first.
  • You will be contacted by us if you are eligible for vaccination as soon as the dates when the vaccination is available for your cohort is confirmed.
  • Vaccination is currently performed as two doses 21 days apart. Please ensure that you attend for both doses. Failure to do so will render the vaccine ineffective.
  • Respectfully we would ask patients not to contact us regarding whether they are eligible for vaccination and when that will be available. We will contact patients as and when they become eligible, we will also regularly update our website as more information becomes available.
  • The scale of this vaccination program is unprecedented in recent times and will likely continue on into Summer 2021, we ask that you please be patient whilst we strive to implement this program.

In the interim we should all play our parts in keeping each other safe by adhering to the existing guidelines around masks, hand washing and maintaining social distancing.

Thank you for your patience

Doctors and all other staff at Victoria Cross and Eldene Surgeries