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Victoria Cross Surgery and Eldene Health Centre: becoming one GP practice

Patient / public Questions and Answers


Which Practices are involved in the merger?

Eldene Health Centre will merge with Victoria Cross Surgery. The branch surgery at Nythe will close and services be relocated to Eldene Health Centre.

Why do you need to merge? Can’t things just stay the same as before?

Dr Guilding will be retiring on the 31 March 2018.
As Dr Guilding is the sole partner at Eldene Health Centre, there are no other Partner GPs to take on the running of the practice once he has left. Therefore, Victoria Cross Surgery are planning to merge and will take over the running of the contract to provide primary care medical services from Eldene Health Centre.

When is the merger taking place?

The merger is currently being planned and will formally take place on Friday 31 March 2018.

What will be the proposed merged practice name?
Victoria Cross Surgery

Will I as an Eldene Health Centre patient need to do anything?

No, your medical records etc. will be transferred to the merged practice.
You will still be seen at Eldene Health Centre.

Will I as a Nythe Surgery patient need to do anything?

Your appointments from 1 April 2018 will take place at the new premises at Eldene Health Centre.
Your records will be moved and available to the team seeing you.
You will still be able to be seen at the Victoria Cross Surgery in Old Town, as well.

Do you have to seek approval to merge?

Yes, we have had to consult closely with both NHS England and Swindon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Will I still be able to see the GP or nurse I am used to?

Dr Guilding is retiring at the end of March 2018 so will not be seeing patients after then.
The rest of the team at Elene Health Centre will continue working there. The team from Nythe Surgery will joining the Eldene Health Centre team.
What will happen to the current Eldene Health Centre building?
There are no planned changes to the building, Eldene Health Centre will become a branch surgery of Victoria Cross Surgery.

What will happen to the current Nythe Surgery building?

It will be closed from 31 March 2018.

What will be opening hours of Eldene Health Centre be?

It will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. (5.30-6.30 urgent cover from VCS). What about transport and parking?

There is ample free parking at Eldene Health Centre.

What about disabled access?

The surgery is situated on the ground floor with good disabled access.

How will I be able to make an appointment?

Call the designated number and make an appointment in the usual way.

How will I request a repeat prescription?

Nythe Patients –usual method, POD
Eldene Health Centre Patients –in writing to the surgery, online, post request to surgery. In future patients to be encouraged to use POD (Prescription Ordering Direct).

Will the opening times of the merged Practices be the same?

No – the opening times will be:
Eldene Health Centre
8.30-5.30 Monday to Friday (plus 5.30-6.30 urgent cover from Victoria Cross Surgery)
Nythe Patients
8.30-5.30 Monday to Friday (plus 5.30-6.30 urgent cover from Victoria Cross Surgery)
Extended hours (one evening per week to be agreed)

Will there be a new telephone number to contact the practice?

Eldene Health Centre: no change
Nythe Patients: new number 01793 480111

Will you still offer the same services?

Eldene Health Centre: all current services plus nurse practitioner acute illness clinic and clinical pharmacist.
Nythe patients: increased opening hours, all services to be offered from Eldene Health Centre including midwife, counsellor, nurse practitioner.

Will I need to change my Pharmacist?

Do I have to stay with the merged practice?

No, you are free at any time to register with another GP Practice.
If you would prefer to register with another practice then please contact the surgery you wish to register with direct. You can find information about registering with another practice on the NHS Choices

Will I get a named GP?

Yes, all patients will be registered with Dr P Bauliah however patients can see anyone from the clinical team.

I currently have annual reviews for my long-term condition will this continue?

Yes, you will still receive the continuity of care.

Will the merged practice have details of our medical records computer and paper versions?